The State of The Heath, 2013-12-10

A fair bit has changed in two weeks.

EoN has picked up a number of districts, adding almost 50% to its previous holdings. Dark Legion remains steady, and Rust 514 has shouldered its way to three districts, while the South Americans in Amenaza drop to two. Top Men are dozing on two districts, but then things start getting interesting.

SALUKI lost all their districts due to the unfortunate strategic decision to be in the same time zone as Nyain San. The Southern Legion also bowed out of planetary conquest after a long and bloody war with Anonymous and Renegade Alliance.

Proficiency V remains effectively unchanged from last time, as do the smattering of small alliances that come and go. No Dust University holdings at this time, though.

The unaligned corps stayed steady at 20% territory control, although the makeup changed markedly; Dem Durrty Boyz and Unknown Killers jumped ship to Renegade Alliance, and the slack picked up by Molon Labe who left ROFL.

Speaking of ROFL, it’s looking a bit anemic after losing Molon Labe, but Public Disorder and Die Valkyrja retain their territory unchanged.

SVER True Blood seems interested in PC matches again, doubling Public Disorder’s territorial control to 4.5%. The biggest territory is still that of Renegade Alliance, bursting at the seams from ingesting Saluki and TSOLE, and waddling around holding 34.7% of Molden Heath in its obese fingers. I suspect that a number of territories will be sold to newcomers to PC, only to be lost to bigger and/or better organisations until eventually lost to SQDRN and sold once more.

It’s the cycle of life in Molden Heath.

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