CCP Rouge lays out his strategic goals

“If I would want to push the game somewhere right now,” he said, “it would be to really focus on that kind of visceral gameplay — that intense first few hours, first few days of playing the game — and making sure that we can engage more people into that world, into that fiction, and show you … how deep and rich that universe is.”


“It’s ‘Once upon a time, me in the universe of Dust and Eve,'” he said. “That’s something that I think Eve Online does really well. When you play that game, very quickly it’s the story of me into that huge sandbox design. One big thing that related to Dust 514 is that to me is very important is the player-driven economy, and that is also something that we want to push extremely hard on because I think it is a very engaging part of the game.”

Full article here.

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