A busy week in Dust

So, the Uprising 1.5 patch is due on the 8th of October, with some neat stuff:

In addition, there are a number of events this October:

  • A “Welcome back to Dust” event for inactive players
  • Following on from the First Victory Bonus event in September is the October is for Winners event, which extends the bonus skill points to the first three match wins per day.
  • Also in the works is the Factional Warfare Challenge, where players will get prototype-level items based on their performance for a particular faction in FW matches between October 8th and 15th. This event is sure to cause some carnage.

And in the marketplace, the news is that the Omega Boosters are back. Omega boosters were originally released with special pricing during Uprising 1, and provided double the boost of the regular passive augmentations for less-than-double the price. Who knows what the price will be this time.

So, a lot going on in Dust this week.


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