Odyssey Industry changes

CCP Fozzie has been hard at work, and has a few tidbits of changes coming down the pipe in Odyssey:

[Odyssey] Removal of moon mineral derived materials from T1 and Faction blueprints

Have another change for Odyssey to announce to you fine people in Science and Industry. When I was working on mapping out the usage of all the moon minerals for the T2 manufacturing rebalance, I took the chance to clean up the usage of T2 composites and construction components. There were a few T1 items that use them, as well as a number of faction items that had T2 build requirements by mistake (the original design for the navy faction modules was for them to have T1-style build requirements, but when creating many of them the original designers seem to have copied the T2 blueprints instead).

This affects many Faction Modules that have had the T2 materials and skills removed from the blueprint requirements.

This also affects the following T1 modules:

  • All T1 gang links
  • Command processors
  • Prototype cloaking devices
  • Warp disrupt probes

These T1 blueprints have had their composite requirements replaced mainly with planetary interaction products, and in the case of the Warp disrupt probes, more Stront.

The full requirements for all these blueprints can be found on SISI, so if you are in the business of building these items you will want to take a look there for the changes and prepare accordingly.


[Odyssey] Change to permissions for cancelling corporation jobs

Hey everyone. CCP Masterplan was able to get a change completed for Odyssey that should hopefully open up a lot of options for corporation manufacturing and research. It’s a change that we have received a lot of requests for in our Starbase Iterations blog comments thread.

After Odyssey, the only people who will be able to cancel a corporation job will be
a) the person who started the job
b) a corporation director

The rules for who can install jobs, view jobs and deliver jobs are unchanged. This does not affect personal jobs.
This affects all corporation manufacturing and research jobs.

Let us know what you think!

3 Responses to “Odyssey Industry changes”

  1. 1 Chanina
    May 22, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    The first one is nice to know but will only need minor attention to adjust the material flow for the production. But it is a good decision to limit moon stuff to T2 only. PI can surely use a bit more usage in the “non pos-fuel” part.

    The second is really good. Most ignore the amount of damage that could be done by canceling long running research jobs in laboratories. The BPO will get free if you cancel it but the time the lab is needed will still be occupied. Nice to see there is progress in that part of the game.

  2. 3 macker
    May 23, 2013 at 12:45 am

    Very nice to know this info. TY.

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