Dust weaponry by type

CCP Remnant was asked about which weapons are classified into which types, since many tech 2 suits get bonuses to their racial weaponry. He replied with:

Hybrid (plasma) – assault rifle, plasma cannon, ion pistol (not yet released), shotgun
Hybrid (railgun) – forge gun, sniper rifle, magsec SMG (not yet released), rail rifle (not yet released), bolt pistol (not yet released)
Laser (beam) – laser rifle
Laser (pulse) – scrambler pistol, scrambler rifle
Projectile – SMG, HMG, combat rifle (not yet released), precision rifle (not yet released)
Explosive – mass driver, swarm launcher, flaylock pistol


We’re still missing two heavy weapon variants (gallente and amarr).

As to what they’ll do… speculate away Blink

So, there’s a lot of weapons in the immediate pipeline.

ps: Gallente Heavy Flamer. Do it.

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