Planetary Conquest, day 1.

So far, my Dust corp has taken fifteen districts spread over two planets, with three of them being under immediate attack.

The Scrambler Rifle is proving very strong. I picked up an aurum variant and even with zero skills I was getting 4:1 KDR with it. It is semiautomatic like the tactical assault rifle, but overheats after a half-dozen shots with a great animation. The charge deals a fair amount of damage and can be carried around at walking speed. It doesn’t cause heat buildup, but firing a charged shot will add a big chunk of heat anyway. This seems to be a good, balanced weapon but with advantages if you are in an Amarr suit.

Haven’t tried the flaylock pistol or plasma cannon yet.

I can confirm that the mouse controls are slightly better, and the ‘velcro walls’ bug is fixed and you can now bump into stuff without losing all momentum.


1 Response to “Planetary Conquest, day 1.”

  1. May 16, 2013 at 12:36 am

    The FlayLock Pistol is “Very” Good! It has good splash damage and just a fun weapon. The only main drawback to the FlayLock is the low ammo count and have to reload allot. But its still a fun weapon to use, fire into a crown of Reds or at the ground maybe and or use to finish off someone on assist. But it can kill well on its own or with more skill it gives wider splash damage radius. I guess its kinda what I wanted the Mass Driver to be, but works well as a pistol with explosive slug ammo shells.

    I’ve never been fond of using the AR, preferring more to use explosive weapons like Shotguns and such, Kinda why I like the new FlayLock Pistol. Tried the new SAR out and find it something to like and grow into using. I find it kinda between a AR and a Sniper Rifle it seem to me, but maybe thats me. Many a time so far the heat buildup got me, but thats because was more kinda trying to get used to using the weapon and how it functions.

    Did try the Plasma Cannon as well a AUR one and interesting, but i don’t know how many people will asctually spec into it for now. It does have its uses just like the Mass Driver, but one ammo to reload and slow reload time are all drawbacks i guess. I killed myself a few times trying to use the thing in a few matches when the plasma thing hit the wall right infront of me. I still thing it has situational use weapon.

    Think my Corp has 4 Districts and attacking 2 Districts on Planet when all the fighting starts.

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