Today I learned about Pirate Ship Logs

So I was reading Failheap and a post struck a chord:

[…] I wish CCP had never, ever removed the pirate ship logs.

The ship logs used to point to systems with static compelxes, iirc. But they could have been converted to give expeditions when used, or if you combine some of them together to form a more complete story, they could point to a higher level or longer expedition chain.

Not only would it be some new game play, easily added to the game because all of the features are basically there (the items, expeditions, etc.), but can also be a way to expose more of Eve’s lore.

It may also entice some high sec types to explore low and null sec. The occasional journal can drop, they can “activate” or “research” it or whatever, and ta-da, they have an expedition. It’s right there, they can see it, they know where to go, they know that there is a good chance of something valuable if they take the risk.

But no, CCP decided to just remove the pirate ship logs from all loot tables. I still have 20 or so sitting in my hangar. They’re neat, irreplacable pieces of Eve’s history that never should have gone away.

Later in the thread, a list of all the ship logs was posted, and it’s fascinating reading. Just like the data logs in System Shock, Bioshock,  Half-Life and other single-player games, the piecing together of Eve’s back-story is a compelling pastime. It’s a great way to bring the back story to the forefront of a capsuleer’s attention. I especially like the concept of resurrecting them by tying them into guaranteed escalations.

Paging Mike Azariah

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