Corp theft, Dust style

Cue the drama as my Dust corp is robbed of 200M isk and most of the corp kicked. Luckily one of the other directors logged in and kicked him and his alts.

The Southern Legion was formed as an amalgamation of three AU TZ Dust corps for the closed beta tournament. As part of the agreement, each CEO of the three corps became a director, otherwise he likely wouldn’t have been given that role considering his instability.

Oh well, no lasting harm done. The corp members are reapplying and the isk is being rebuilt. It’s cliched, but the corp will continue, stronger than ever.

5 Responses to “Corp theft, Dust style”

  1. April 13, 2013 at 12:18 am

    How much is 200M ISK in DUST? I mean an average EVE player can farm it in 5-7 hours. How many hours needed in DUST to farm this?

  2. April 13, 2013 at 9:44 am

    That’s quite a bit in DUST when you consider an Average match ISK gain is somewhere around 200-300K ISK a match in that ballpark. That also depends on gear loss also from the match played also for final profit on a match.

    Yeah if you have lots and lots of members contributing to a Corp it can add up somewhat fast to get to that much ISK in DUST 514. But for smaller corps with fewer people and less overall contributors that is allot of ISK. Obviously the larger the corp numbers assuming everyone is contributing equally their share in the corp its not as much ISK per person to reach that number. But it’s not a trivial number in ISK in DUST at 200M though in EVE that’s pocket pennies for the RIch and Famous.

    I might have Tens of Billions is EVE but most my Character have in DUST is a mere 4 Million ISK and have contributed some ISK to my Corp for coming PC. Most that ISK will more than likely get used buying up Skill Books and more expensive gear in time. Loose a bunch of expensive gear in DUST and you can get setback allot in ISK quite fast in gear replacement.

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