Not bad. I’m not sold on the anti-cloaking features, but it’s a solid set of enhancements.

Interstellar Privateer

EDIT: My thanks to Seismic Stan at Freebooted, who took up the cause and turned this topic into Blog Banter 44 a couple weeks after I published this post. It has turned into a great discussion across the EVE blogging community with some very diverse opinions and great ideas. I’ve left most of the post as-is with a couple of retroactive minor edits noted in text. Thanks Stan!

It’s been a common thread for as long as I’ve been in EVE – “Local is broken.” Depending on who you ask, it has too much / not enough / too soon / just right info for system intel and scouting use. Mostly, this argument occurs in Lowsec and Nullsec, where people either want a little extra time to find prey, or are horrified at “AFK Cloakers” that make the residents of null twitch, fearing a gank or a cyno. Please see…

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