Scan ship/cargo/belt, paste into here, get total price

Reposted from reddit:

Raath delivers.

From his blog:

As it turns out nearly everything in eve online can be Ctrl+A Ctrl+C ed. Directional scans, mineral scan results even inventory can be copied to clipboard. So I had to take advantage of this feature and hopefully make a few lives easier.

[R]ecently someone asked me if they could copy the contents of the mineral scanner somehow. The logic was that if they warped an orca right into belt, do a scan then copy paste the results into some widget and get an overall value of the belt.

[…] I’ve added the feature to the public end as well so people not registered can use the [2] Price check feature by checking the “show refined worth” checkbox.

So now everyone has an easy to use lookup widget to get the current refined value of their current stock or that gravi belt they just discovered without all the hassle of having to enter values in one at a time. I bet even Chribba would find this feature handy for his veld fleet 😉

I checked it out last night: turns out belts in high sec are worth roughly 80M isk, unless they’ve been left fallow for a few days.

1 Response to “Scan ship/cargo/belt, paste into here, get total price”

  1. August 22, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    This is going to be handy, I’ve started to notice I could copy and past a lot of stuff.

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