Salvaging service? There’s a corp for that

Annoyed at the waste when there’s a bunch of wrecks left over from your mission, but not motivated enough to go back to loot and salvage them? Turns out there’s a corp specialized in hoovering up your stuff for a cut of the proceeds.

Pro Synergy provides a professional looting & salvaging services to level 4 security mission runners throughout New Eden. Our aim is to greatly increase profits and save time for all mission runners and dedicated salvagers alike so you can concentrate on earning those LP’s, Bounties and Rewards.


1 Response to “Salvaging service? There’s a corp for that”

  1. 1 Lucy Royal
    May 21, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Thank you for spreading the word about us, all help is well appreciated. Our website is slightly out of date, but has the basics……we’re working on a new one atm.

    Our corporation aims to reduce the strained relations between mission runners and young pilots who often resort to Ninja Salvaging to make quick ISK. Pro Synergy brings these two different groups of people together while greatly increasing the incomes of both. This is exactly why the name “Synergy” has been chosen.

    You can find out more about us via our in game channel ‘Pro synergy’ Talk to one of our salvagers or clients, about how ‘it works’.
    Private message or EVE mail me if you are interested in joining.

    Thankx again

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