Good Post in Jita Park Shocker

Many people (myself included) have attempted to articulate the interdependence of Eve on those players that everyone loves to hate – high-sec players.

Malcanis has posted a lengthy but interesting analysis of high-sec players that I encourage you to read. It lays out the broad categories of players who would never leave high-sec and what they are looking to get out of Eve. He doesn’t preach a solution but he does propose ways to either encourage or discourage them from certain play styles.

Personally, my thoughts on how I would ‘encourage’ the various play styles are:

  • Casual players are time-poor and want instant action, be it pve or pvp. For PvE, they need faster missions. For PvE,  Red vs Blue would be great for them, but perhaps a better way would be competitive missions: two ships enter a deadspace, one ship leaves with a mission reward; one leaves in a pod.
  • Independent players should be encouraged to meet new players and hopefully find a new niche. Incursions are excellent for this.
  • Commercial players need incentives to go into low-sec and sell there, both to seed their market, encourage others to go there, and to provide exciting, high-value targets. Both carrot and stick can work here, from increased sales tax in highsec, to increased charges for high-sec manufacturing and research slots, to decreased costs and build times in low-sec. The important thing is to put a price on the safety that an industrialist has when operating in high-sec.
  • Carebears are risk-averse, so don’t force them to be. They love the grind of making isk, so provide more things for them to spend it on.

Anyway, go on, read it.

5 Responses to “Good Post in Jita Park Shocker”

  1. December 15, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Malacanis’s manifesto – he says himself that he can not comprehend the mindset of a carebear, or how it could be integrated into the way he thinks EVE should be played. And there in lies the problem with the majority of these types of conversations. They are focused on trying to force people to play the game in a certain way – without any real understanding or appreciation of why people play the game differently. I would much prefer EVE cater for as many different play styles as possible.

    • 2 Serpentine Logic
      December 16, 2011 at 8:49 am

      I think the point is that lumping different types of player into the ‘highsec player’ box is unhelpful from a Decision Theory context. When you break down the player base into shards with the same

      • Beliefs
      • Desires
      • (immediate) Intentions

      then you get a much better idea about how to cater to them, and how to specifically target them if you want to encourage them to do something different.

  2. December 17, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Started reading the manifesto thread but fell asleep as just haven’t been feeling all that well, but i still have it to finish read through to some point. A interesting read so far though. Yet seem allot of these threads lately are on the forums all articulated in various ways or wordings all aimed at Highsec players trying to get them to move to more risky areas of New Eden. I really wonder why that all is? Many people that play choose to play the game their way for whatever the reasons.

    I don’t really have concrete answers to some of what i have read so far in the manifesto as highsec players are many and all play in their own way for different reasons with different goals and aims as to why they don’t want to go or move to lowsec or nullsec or WH space for some. Everyone has a different reason why they choose not to do or go to those places, while the shady side of EVE wishes them to do so while hoping to cause them some misery or pain if they do so.

    I can clearly say i have no answer to this though i’d like to think i can come up with one, but i’m unable to do so.

    If i had to say what can get me to really venture into Lowsec or Nullsec not even i can give a clear answer to that and best i can think it wouldn’t even be any one particular thing. Best i think it would have to be a combination of things that forces my interest and changes my game play as compared to my everyday occupations. WH space i have always found more appealing and its funny that many consider that space more dangerous that the others, go figure.

    But i don’t believe one can group all of Highsec population into one category and change any one thing and it will cause much of Highsec to migrate to the other spaces. There is also the risk of loosing allot of highsec population right out of the game. I think you would have to fundamentally shake up the sandbox from what it is to make that needed change happen and who knows what the results will be to the population of EVE if that also happened.

    The way i see it is somewhat symbiotic Low, Null and WH space needs Highsec just as much as it need them to function currently. And the only way I can best think to get many that live in Highsec to migrate to other areas of New Eden is to introduce various new elements that fundamentally changes EVE that also shakes up the entire sandbox from what it currently is.

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