Updates to Crucible Tech II Modules

CCP Ytterbium posted an update on the tech 2 modules released in Crucible:

Here are the iteration changes planned for tech2 mods:

  • Triage module II: now provides a 20% capacitor reduction to remote capital armor repairers, remote capital hull repairers, capital shield transfers and capital energy transfers while in triage mode. Doesn’t provide any bonus to local repairer/boosters however. Previously the module had little interest to train for, should now be worth the time.
  • Sister core probe launcher and expanded probe launcher: now provide a 10% boost to scan probe strength instead of 5%. That’s to keep an appeal for the faction mods despite the arrival of a tech2 version.
  • Skirmish Warfare Link – Interdiction Maneuvers II and Skirmish Warfare Link – Sensor Integrity II: boost increased from 3.5 to 3.75% to keep the tech2 boost consistent among all warfare modules.
  • Information Warfare Link – Electronic Superiority II: boost for Remote Sensor Dampeners and Tracking Disruptors increased from 1.25 to 1.5%. Previous numbers were erroneous.
  • Mining Foreman Link – Mining Laser Field Enhancement II: boost increased from 5 to 5.625%: same reason as above, to keep tech2 boost consistent among all gang links.
  • Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link: tracking and speed multipliers for drones increased from 1.25x to 1.3x, again to keep an interest on the faction variant next to the new tech2 module.
  • Bomb Launcher II: capacity increased from 150 to 225m3, allows it to carry 3 bombs instead of 2.

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