Post-Crucible Planetary Interaction

Since the release of Crucible, the changes to planetary interaction prices have been profound, especially for high-sec manufacturing. In short, they’re rising about 12%, but more detailed analysis is available here:

The official CCP response is:
I come bearing news about tax rates from CCP Omen and Team Pi:—

The higher PI taxes are deliberate.

We have gotten a fair amount of petitions regarding high taxes for PI goods. We want to take a moment and assure you that it is deliberate and explain why.

The taxes that were introduced with the PI feature in Tyrannis did not change as the market value for PI goods went up significantly. This meant that until recently, PI industrialists have enjoyed profit margins of up about 99% without much risk.

With the Player Owned Customs Office feature we are changing how PI products come to the market and we are encouraging players to own and operate these offices. With the old tax levels it would be nearly unfeasible to operate a Customs Office and most of our goals with the feature were at risk of being missed.

By repairing the taxes to be… a) Based on market value and b) Player set, we now have a foundation for a much more interesting feature that we believe will create many opportunities in New Eden.

For more information please see the EVElopedia article for the Player Owned Customs Office:http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/CustomsOffice

CCP Omen on behalf of team Pi

2 Responses to “Post-Crucible Planetary Interaction”

  1. December 5, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    And now I have to get a BS, in low-sec, to bash some NPC customs offices, because being charged 1+M for 11u Oxygen is lots of bullcrap. Oh, my, how much fun is this going to be…

    CCP overcooked the meal. Now we have charred bits.

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