New Alt is a Go

I succumbed and made an industry alt. The skill plan is pretty simple:

  1. Train Cybernetics IV for +4 implants
  2. Remap Per/Will
  3. Train Racial Industrial to V
  4. Train Racial Freighter to IV
  5. Train Advanced Spaceship Command to IV
  6. Remap Int/Mem
  7. Train for Science!
  8. OK, also train for manufacturing

I left out Racial Jump Freighter because I am poor and actually buying a jump freighter would eat into my wallet in an unacceptable manner, but the alt has all the prereqs either done, or remapped for maximum training of. It will likely be a long time until I get to take one for a test drive.

After the Freighter skills are set up, I’ll do some manufacturing and science skills because they sound interesting. Perhaps I’ll do some tech 2 invention, or make capital ships.

We’ll see how it goes I guess.

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