+5 Implants worth it?

It’s a fact of life in Eve that ships blow up and players get podded. Being podded is sometimes convenient, saving you from the worry of flying it home after a roam; other times, you lose Amarr Battleship V and become a sad panda for a lengthy period of time.

Besides the rare loss of skill points, being podded destroys any implants you had plugged in. There are some things you can do to lessen this loss, like clone-jump into a pvp clone, but it will happen eventually, so it’s important to decide what implants to plug in before you lose them.

The effect of implants

I’m not going to get into the effect of pirate hardwirings, of which all I know is that they are expensive but awesome.

Instead, I’m concentrating on attribute enhancing implants, because

  1. I can afford them
  2. I need more skill points

Let’s take, for example, a player training a skill with the minimum attributes (17 for primary and secondary). Training a rank 6 skill to V takes 34d 10h 27m 4s. With implants, that time drops to:

  • +0+0: 34d 10h 27m 4s
  • +1+0: 33d 3h 15m 51s (-1d 7h)
  • +2+0: 31d 22h 20m 44s (-1d 5h)
  • +3+0: 30d 19h 27m 22s (-1d 3h)
  • +4+0: 29d 18h 23m 23s (-1d 1h)
  • +3+3: 29d 6h 29m (-12.5h)
  • +4+3: 28d 7h 49m 21s (-23h)
  • +4+4: 27d 21h 1m 54s (-12h)
  • +5+4: 27d 26m 46s (-20h)
  • +5+5: 26d 14h 37m 16s (-10h)

So a +3 set of implants will save just over 5 days a month training time, a +4 set will save an additional day and a half, and a +5 set will save a bit less than a day and a half per month.

Note that the better your base attributes are, the worse, percentage-wise, the improvement that implants will provide.

Break-even point

Assuming a PLEX is 360M ISK, that’s puts a neat price of 12 million ISK on each day’s training, or 500k per hour saved. That means that the pay-off period for the various implants are:

  • +1/+1: a day or so
  • +2/+2: a couple of days
  • +3/+3: about nine days
  • +4/+4: about 18 days
  • +5/+5: about three months, assuming my math isn’t terrible.

however, that’s against base, rather than comparing against each other. If you do that, then the extra 30 hours a month that you get from +5/+5 instead of +4/+4 is only 15M isk, which takes a minimum fourteen months to repay the extra 210M isk you outlaid for the more expensive implants. Conversely, the outlay of +4/+4 pays off over +3/+3 in only two months or so.

Null-sec clones

Null-sec pods are much more vulnerable than anywhere else; bombs will pop you; bubbles will trap you, and security status is not a deterrent.

Recommendation: Always plug in +1/+1 implants on even the most suicidal mission unless you’re a dictor pilot. If you have a pvp clone that you expect to get podded often, run with +3/+2. If you have a PvE/low risk clone, run with +4/+4. Generally, you wouldn’t go above 3% hardwires in null unless you’re in a capital ship.

Low-sec clones

Low-sec pods are generally fairly safe due to no bubbles, so you’re much more likely to be fighting a Sleipnir with a high-grade Crystal set than in null.

Recommendation: +3/+2 minimum, and anywhere up to +4/+4 is quite common. Feel free to put in pirate hardwires if you’re rich, or some cheap 3% hardwires if you’re not.

High-sec clones

The land of apparent safety. Do whatever you want, here, but a rule of thumb is not to spend more on any individual implant than the cost of your hull. This means you jump-clone to a cheap +4/+4 clone if you’re going to fly to Jita in a stealth bomber, unless you’re pro at avoiding smart bombs and bored 0rphanage Thrasher pilots. And try not to get wardecced.

Personally, I still wouldn’t go for a +5/+5 configuration in high-sec – +5/+4 would be the highest I’d go unless that character literally never undocked. But hey, I also don’t fly officer-fit Marauders in level 4 missions, so what would I know.

3 Responses to “+5 Implants worth it?”

  1. September 2, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    I don’t mind your thought process here. I have a full +5 clone set on my main and alt, but find I don’t use them all that often. If you mine in empire, or haul anything of value, your clone is at risk. I mostly stick to full +4 clones.

    In Low Sec / 0.0 I have historiclly used +3 Clones. While I would suggest +1 clones if you know you have a good chance of dying, I tend to find these cheap clones never seem to be at the right place at the right time…

  2. 2 Kote Kyregan
    February 17, 2014 at 9:15 am

    One other thing you have to consider is training the Cybernetics skill. If you only ever train Cybernetics V for a set of +5 implants, it takes you a little over a year to pay back the time you lost training to V to get the added +1 over a +4 set (this doesn’t even address the PLEX cost of training time, simply the amount of time spent training).

    Granted, some of the best hardwire implants require Cybernetics V (Omegas to complete sets, Zor’s, etc) so if your character is going to be using one of those, you could argue that the above time is a morevaluable investment. Otherwise, probably best to stick with +4s.

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