Crisis averted

Here I was, minding my business in high-sec, enjoying the sun and relative safety from the Orphanage boys, when, suddenly, I was set upon in my tech 1 hauler by an artillery Tempest!

Admittedly, I was autopiloting, and I did have a Dramiel blueprint in my cargohold, but I suppose it’s nice that people are taking an interest in little ole me.

Unluckily for him, I had bought that hauler a few minutes ago and threw some tank modules on it and escaped in half armour \o/

Oh well, bad luck.

Missed out

3 Responses to “Crisis averted”

  1. August 17, 2011 at 6:53 am

    Lucky to get away with that! I didn’t think you could tank a T1 hauler well enough to survive a suitably flown gank tempest. Maybe transversal saved you, or Concord were already on the gate.

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