Yay! Back online with my brand spanking new Macbook Pro.

It took a while though – seems the Mac client

  1. was really slow to download — maybe 100k/s for the first few hours
  2. is gigantic, clocking in at 5 gig
  3. crashes on first download! eek!

Luckily it didn’t crash on startup after that, or else I would have looked a little like this

Colour me unimpressed

2 Responses to “Connecting…”

  1. 1 TooNu
    June 13, 2011 at 7:20 am

    Macbook…I don’t understand these things. Is it like a Scottish book type? Like Mackenzie? or Macbeth? 😉 Bloody mac users and your latte’s and your wearing scarves all of the time! BAH!

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