The Philosophy of Passive Income

Tarigal’s philosophy on passive income:

If you make all your isk doing boring shit that you eventually come to hate, that isk grows exponentially in value because you will want to avoid doing the boring shit again. […] Establishing passive income solves [this issue] as the pilot is now making isk with a positive personal value.  Isk will no longer have a negative personal value associated with boring work.

Eve is not just about making isk, but knowing how to lose it well.

Full document here.

2 Responses to “The Philosophy of Passive Income”

  1. 1 TooNuRaccoon
    May 12, 2011 at 7:35 am

    I just read that .doc and it’s quite nice writing 🙂
    It’s also something I do with my ISK. Turn my ISK into more ISK slowly, while working, maintaining a relationship, excercise and general life in between playing sapceships!

    I also notice you have the same WordPress skin as I do 😀

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