Next Level Thinking

I commented on Ardent Defender’s blog that next-level thinking can be very lucrative when given prior warning of a shift in the status quo. I missed out on the planetary materials changes, but it’s reasonable to say that everyone who invested their entire savings in stockpiling T3 planetary materials at NPC-sale prices has made out like a robber baron.

Similarly, those who bought cheap Planetary Vehicles before CCP fixed the mission that dumped thousands of them on the market, or those, like Akita T, who could see the secondary effects of the moon mineral alchemy changes on Technetium prices.

In real life, this is exemplified by some people buying Viagra when it first came onto the market, while others bought shares in the company that made it.

Back to an Eve context, next-level thinking can be applied to the recent patch. In short, these changes:

  • High-end cosmic anomalies will be reduced in frequency
  • More cosmic signatures have been created

are related by the fact that cosmic anomalies sometimes escalate into cosmic signatures, but only if there’s a relevant type to escalate to.

Fewer Havens and far fewer Sanctums mean fewer high-end escalations, which mean X-type and A-type deadspace modules prices will rise. Oh, that also means faction battleship prices will rise, since that’s how a lot of BPCs enter the economy.

Missing signatures mean that B- and C-type modules that previously didn’t spawn now will. This will depress prices for the other type, since extra choices will alleviate demand. In addition, more low-end anomalies will be run compared to now, further depressing prices, especially in the DED5-9 range.

So, following my own advice, I sold some cheap deadspace stuff I could do without, and speculated on a few pieces of high-end gear that I wouldn’t mind keeping but would happily sell off if the price rises. It’s not as easy as buying from NPC orders, but hopefully it will pan out well.

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