Eve Fanfest 2009 Retrospective

CCP’s Eve Fanfest 2011 just concluded. A number of aspirational videos were aired, grandiose claims were made, and promises taken at face value.

This, dear readers, is not how Eve players behave.

Eve players are wily – they dodge scams and thefts on a daily basis (when they’re not perpetrating one themselves), and have learned not to trust anyone else. So, I am saddened and disappointed at the rampant wide-eyed naivete displayed recently about all the magnificent changes that will happen in Eve Real Soon Now ™.

To give you a quick dose of Standard Reality Booster, let me present, from the hazy past of forgotten promises and missed deadlines… Fanfest 2009.

Fanfest 2009 Highlights

  • COSMOS social network (later renamed to Eve Gate) DELIVERED but terrible
  • Tech III Frigates NOT DELIVERED
  • Tech III Loot / Modules NOT DELIVERED
  • Fleet formations NOT DELIVERED
  • Alliance Treaties NOT DELIVERED
  • Comet Mining NOT DELIVERED
  • Planetary Interaction DELIVERED eventually
  • Planetary Interaction feature development NOT DELIVERED
  • Dust 514 NOT DELIVERED
  • New Doomsday weapons DELIVERED
  • Multiple displays DELIVERED
  • Dominion Sovereignty changes DELIVERED then not iterated upon

And there’s likely many more broken promises buried in round-table discussions, such as the Eve font, corporation logos on ships (2007!), faction warfare and so forth. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, settle down, take a deep breath and stop believing everything you see.

Or if you can’t do that, I have a station in Delve that I’m willing to sell you for a very reasonable price…

2 Responses to “Eve Fanfest 2009 Retrospective”

  1. April 1, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Hm, other than the CQ, the only “flashy” stuff that I saw announced or promised at FF 2011:

    * New nebulae
    * New turret animations
    * Corp logos on ships (again)
    * Incarna stations (soon(tm))
    * Updated smuggling, contraband, and boosters (soon(tm))
    * EVE on Android (three years, LOL)

    Granted, the last one’s silly, but most of the rest seem at least possible, yes? (Though who knows if we’ll ever see corp logos on ships.) Was I missing something that was hugely hyped?

  2. 2 Serpentine Logic
    April 1, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    At the moment, it seems that CCP is quite capacity constrained. They are juggling World of Darkness (which draws a lot of technical resources into the Core-ification of the Eve code base), Incarna and Dust, leaving little left for flying in space. In addition, this isn’t just developers – game designers must build WoD game mechanics as well as brainstorm links to Dust; graphic artists have a huge workload in WoD and Incarna 3D assets, leaving me to surmise that the turret animations were not green-lit without a lot of infighting by project managers.

    You are correct: CCP has dialled down the promises substantially this FanFest, or qualified them with “we may do this but don’t expect it soon” and I think most veterans appreciate that candor.

    It seems that most of the wide-eyed optimism has come from new players, and while it’s heartening to see new friends squee at the possibilities of the future, it’s also prudent to take a step back and ‘adjust your expectations’ to be a little closer to reality.

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