Nullsec Anomaly Commentary

Mord Fiddle:

For myself I need to sit down and have a think over this one. It’s a change with a lot of twists in its tail, not all of them necessarily bad.

Kirith Kodachi:

Give us the models, show us how you expect to see the outcome of more conflict out of this. Show us what you expect to be acceptable losses in null sec populations. Make us see what you see, Greyscale, ’cause its not coming through at the moment.

Nasty Ripard Teg:

CCP, what the fuck are you thinking?!

Nice Ripard Teg:

[…] So as I said, this change makes total sense.  Except for the minor detail that we’ve already been down this road, and we’ve seen where it goes.  It creates space that is not worth fighting for and space that is worth fighting for, and concentrates the conflict into the latter regions.

Liang Nuren @ eve online forums:

I could go on, but basically this whole thread boils down to a bunch of “Elite 0.0 Pro PVPers” (read: massive ****ing carebears) that have a massive ISK faucet and they don’t want to let go despite the fact that it is destroying the game.


Whilst it’s possible that we would see a ‘dash for the cash’ as the Null Sec Alliances raced to land grab the most valued systems and the attendant conflict that would result once the dust has settled EVE would fall back into stagnation.

Scrapheap Challenge posters:


Spirited discussion, Eve style

As can be seen, opinions are divided and I don’t think we’ve seen the last change to nullsec in the next twelve months.

As for me, my opinions remain:

  • The raw isk amount coming into the game will be lowered. This is good for the game.
  • Relatively undesirable nullsec locations are good for the nullsec ecosystem, even as they are bad for existing owners.
  • The number of nullsec inhabitants supported per system may drop. This is slightly bad, but players adapt.
  • The average nullsec player won’t get as much income compared to level 4 missions in Empire. This is slightly bad, but if nullsec alliances think about it, they didn’t want those carebears anyway.
  • Fights will still break out over territory; which territory is fought over and how it is divided will change.
  • It’s still way too early to tell the full ramifications, especially with changes to exploration and infrastructure hub upgrades in the development pipeline, so these changes need iterating.

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