Nullsec Income Changes

Another thing to note about the nullsec anomaly changes mentioned recently:

CCP Big Dumb Object recently mentioned that DED sites are getting some love.

For those who aren’t into exploration in Eve, DED sites are hidden complexes that New Eden’s spy network (called DED) has flagged, but doesn’t have the resources to do anything about. Capsuleers scan them down, and an info beacon pops up saying “hey, there’s some bad guys in here, please fix thx” and you go in, kill hard NPC ships and take all their stuff. The sites are rated from 1 to 10 in order of difficulty.

However, at the moment, there aren’t DED sites of all levels for each faction; there are gaps, sometimes important gaps. For instance, the Serpentis pirates don’t have a DED6 or DED8 complex so in nullsec, it’s DED10 or nothing. Since each region only has a single complex of each type simultaneously, a Serpentis-oriented region may only have one plex for the entire region where others have several to share.

The change will fill in these gaps, meaning that cosmic anomalies that ordinarily wouldn’t offer an escalation into a DED complex (like the Serpentis Hubs into a non-existent Serpentis DED6) will now escalate properly. Sure, this probably won’t offset the massive ISK faucet of clearing Serpentis Sanctums with carrier support, but it will ameliorate some of the hurt for alliance rank and file.

It’s also prudent to point out that the faction modules looted from DED complex wrecks are ISK-neutral from an economic perspective; any money you get for your module came from someone else, not from thin air like pirate bounties from anomaies. In fact, if that module later gets destroyed, it’s ISK-negative 🙂

In summary: the nullsec anomaly changes will result in less income for players, but the DED changes will take the edge off the pain.

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